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When I first started playing BL2, I loved playing Maya, that was until we discovered res. Don’t get me wrong, I was the best damn medic the guys I played with would ever hope to find, I literally made it an art how damn fucking fantastic I was at it. But after I’d res’d them so often that their ‘fight for your life’ time was about 0.0 seconds long… and then they bitched that I didn’t save them in time, and then ask what else I could have been doing… what, because I shouldn’t have been firing my own weapons? They better fucking believe next time they go down I am gonna stand back, waste my phaselock somewhere else, kill the nearest enemy to them if possible ‘by accident’ and fucking watch down my sniper as they slowly crawl around pathetically until they die and waste millions r-r-r-respawning.”

As somebody who plays a Siren, I know this feeling.

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